Stan’s Quick and Dirty Video: How Steno Works

Hey! Sorry for the lack of updates. But I wanted to share a new video I just made about how steno works for those who still don’t know. I wanted to make a very quick video that summed up all the main points in a way that was short and to the point so one of my students could use it for a class project about what it’s like in the day of a deaf person. Enjoy!


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  1. Hi! Nice video, I want to show the video you made to my friends as a way to introduce to them what I’m studying. I would like to ask you if you know where I could find the Philly Clinic theory that you recommended in an earlier post? I’ve searched online for it and it seems to be out of print and there are no copies for sale. I actually “donated” a few grand on one semester of court reporting school and brand-new equipment not too long ago. Of course I am now kicking myself for doing that, because I would much rather study stenography with a self-paced method like the one you described. Anyways, I really appreciate your writing and just the spirit of generosity and passion you obviously have for stenography.

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